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Trustee wilfully overpaid her husband, judge finds


Last updated 05:00 05/08/2013

A Hawke’s Bay woman accused of plundering thousands of dollars from a Maori Land Trust to pay for her wedding and to bankroll family and friends has resigned as a trustee.

The accusations against Sharon Edwards-Walker are revealed in a Maori Land Court judgment.

She was alleged to have made big overpayments from the trust, including more than $120,000 to her husband and his family. She also appointed a friend to provide “governance training” – the friend promptly withdrew $12,000 from the trust for her own use, the court said.

While Edwards-Walker and her family were allegedly receiving more than their entitlement in trust dividend payments, other members of the trust received no dividend at all.

Edwards-Walker was administrator of Te Raniera Huango Trust, which administers three blocks of Maori Freehold Land with 35 beneficial owners. She was responsible for paying out trust money.

Among the accusations of misappropriating money were $6500 to pay for her wedding in 2009. She also allegedly paid $699 on more than one occasion for medical insurance for her husband.

She also “wilfully overpaid” her husband and his siblings from trust dividends, according to the Maori Land Court judgment.

She claimed she had been bullied into the payments by her husband and others.

The judgment said Edwards-Walker approached a friend, Roberta Karangaroa, to provide governance training to the trustees. Karangaroa persuaded the trustees to add her as a signatory to the trust’s accounts.

The judgment said Karangaroa then withdrew $12,000 from the trust for her own use. After a complaint to police, $9500 was recovered.

Judge Layne Harvey said that there could be “no justification” for Edwards-Walker’s conduct and in the absence of any alternative evidence, he concluded that “Edwards-Walker has abused her position as a trustee for personal gain, has placed herself in a conflict of interest position, and has made an unauthorised profit from her office”.

On the basis of the trust’s current level of dividend payments, it would take more than 20 years for the people who had been overpaid to restore those funds to the trust, according to the judgment.

Judge Harvey said that, in the absence of any “tenable defence”, “there has been significant maladministration of the trust’s finances, if not outright misappropriation”, with the amount of money involved “as surprising as it is unacceptable”.

The breaches of general trust law principles were sufficient to warrant Edwards-Walker’s removal as a trustee. Judge Harvey said when he put this to Edwards-Walker, she chose to resign.

The court directed the remaining trustees to obtain legal advice as to what recovery and enforcement actions may be appropriate should the allegations concerning the misappropriation of trust funds be proven. Ms Edwards-Walker was given two months to file a response to the allegations.

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On November 2011 Mark Mansfield made an application to the Maori Land Courts regarding non-transparency and missing monies with-in the Te Raniera Huango Trust. Link is from the website.

Note: we have only included the relevant Paragraphs pertaining to Ms Roberta Karangaroa, as she is our subject of concern, regarding Nark.Org.Nz (apart from Ms Sweeney obviously).

Here are is the link:

You can read the full complaint and also that of the judges ruling on the link below.

Full document here: Maori Land Courts,


Continuation and Judgement: From

Hearing was on the 4 July 2013 in Hastings and Judge Ruling on the 5 July 2013 

[1] On 2 November 2011 Mark Mansfield filed proceedings per s238 of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 seeking financial information from the trustees of Te Raniera Huango Trust. He claimed that they had failed to hold general meetings, provide annual accounts and be accountable to the beneficial owners.

More seriously Mr Mansfield alleged that the trustees had “embezzled” trust funds and accordingly had to be brought before the Court to account for this conduct. I note that Mr Mansfield had made these claims of lack of financial accountability against the trustees in 2009 and the proceedings had been before the Court since then.

[19] Then there is the matter of the $12,000 taken from the trust’s account by Roberta Karangaroa. In my earlier judgment I directed the trustees to recover the outstanding $2,500 from Karangaroa following her repayment of $9,500. It now emerges that Ms Karangaroa claims she has returned that amount to Mrs Edwards-Walker directly, which the latter denies.

[20] It will be remembered that Ms Karangaroa had been approached to provide “governance training” to the trustees at the request of Mrs Edwards-Walker. At the hearing yesterday Mrs Edwards-Walker confirmed that she had known Ms Karangaroa for many years and had asked her to provide “governance training” to the trustees.

At the previous hearing the trustees accepted they had been persuaded by Ms Karangaroa to add her, a non-owner and a non-beneficiary of the land, to become a signatory for the trust using the pretext that having siblings as trustees signing cheques was not best practice.

Ironically, as mentioned, Ms Karangaroa then proceeded to withdraw $12,000 from the trust for her own personal use with $9,500 recovered from her following a complaint to the Police.

[21] Ms Edwards-Walker subsequently claimed that the trust’s then bankers had paid the money out to Ms Karangaroa on only one signature and that on her return from overseas Mrs Edwards-Walker had gone to the bank to sign a withdrawal slip to approve the payment after the fact.

The trustees had been directed to use their best endeavours to contact Ms Karangaroa to give her opportunity to respond to the allegations that had been made against her. To date no such response has been forthcoming. Indeed, Mrs Edwards-Walker claimed that whenever arrangements were made with Ms Karangaroa to hold a meeting she was invariably unavailable at the last minute.

[22] As I mentioned in my previous judgment the trustees are liable to repay this amount if it could not be recovered from Ms Karangaroa. As it was Mrs Edwards-Walker who signed the withdrawal or payment slip, and without the approval of the trustees, I find that she is responsible to repay this amount to the trust. That said, it may now be appropriate for the trustees to put the matter in the hands of a collection agency, in the absence of either repayment or a tenable defence from Ms Karangaroa.

Mr Mark Mansfield’s compliant was legally justifiable.

[38] The present application was precipitated by allegations made against the trustees by Mark Mansfield. His original complaints concerned the lack of information available to beneficiaries, lack of meetings and lack of annual accounts. On the face of the evidence before the Court it would appear that many of Mr Mansfield’s concerns have been borne out and his complaints justified.


As we can see throughout this whole matter, Ms Roberta Karangaroa and her “governance skills” along with dipping into another Trust’s money, is of particular concern. The similarities’ a quite striking, as to Ms Roberta Karaangaoa’s elusiveness in (being contactable/available) when$12,000 taken from the trust’s account

From the post above:

“The trustees had been directed to use their best endeavours to contact Ms Karangaroa to give her opportunity to respond to the allegations that had been made against her. To date no such response has been forthcoming.”

Both Ms Cherie Sweeney and Ms Roberta Karangaroa were very good at becoming unavailable through out our experiences with Nark.Org.Nz, on the Community Group Page.  When they eventually managed to grace page from time to time, they were always using excuses why they were away and that their time was limited.

Also Cherie’s continuous, “personal financial burdens” that were endless. Once questions of missing monies were brought to light, they totally avoided answers to our concerns.

Yes, Ms Roberta Karangaroa is well experienced in “spinning the truth”.  The only thing is both Cherie and Roberta keep contradicting themselves.

Now if this was going in November 2011, we certainly have more knowledge now on the Ms Roberta’ background and her love for Trusts, Money, and certainly trying to obtain it paper free, obligation free, question free, evidence free and most importantly….. tax free! This is certainly the case with Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney, included.

From the Website…..

The Charities that Ms Roberta Karangaroa established. These ones are registered, however she is involved with many that aren’t, ie Nark, Personal land trusts among others. We learnt along this journey that just because a Trust, Charties, Org etc aren’t funded; certainly doesn’t mean they don’t get huge donations which are conveniently unaccounted for.  The many events that Ms Karangaroa and Cherie Kara Kurarangi Sweeney organized, brought in huge amounts.

Officer Name Charity Name Registration
Number Status Date
Roberta Karangaroa National Te Koru Puawai Charitable Trust CC31518 Registered 23/09/2008
Roberta Karangaroa Riverslea Tu Tangata Incorporated Charity Trust CC31450 Registered 22/09/2008
Roberta Karangaroa Hawkes Bay Community Law Centre Trust CC37364 Registered 3/02/2009

Roberta Karangaroa was also a trustee for the Maatangireia Trust. Non existent currently.


Roberta certainly has many years experience in “governance” for trusts etc.

 *Interesting how, the moment a complaint was made to the Police, Ms Roberta Karangaroa coughed up most of it.

Ms Roberta and Cherie are  experienced over many years in creating, hui’s, meetings, media, events, getting funding (including Government funding) for their scam ideas

They have numerously used “heart-breaking” issues in NZ to persuade many to donate to their scams.   So, it’s certainly of no surprise that Ms Roberta Karangaroa (currently of the Riverslea Trust, Hastings, among other trusts) would be quite persuasive in getting money from Trusts, she can certainly talk her way of a paper bag…… 

Another interesting  point is, when all this was going on……. Pete George of Your Nz, (Nark.Org.NZ, Board member) still supported them.  All their spinning, lies, abusiveness toward members and non-accountability of where monies were?

Pete George Party Your Dunedin Standing for Dunedin City Council – Central Ward Dunedin City Mayor (dreamer)

Pete George, certainly has a way with words.  He constantly bleats out “Transparency” but never follows through with that word…… Pete you really need to listen to yourself.  You’ve certainly never been “Transparent” by any means.

 Not a good political move Pete George.

So being that we are the NZ Public, we  decided to do our Civic duty, and pay Pete a visit on his, “Pete George for Dunedin Mayor” Facebook page he created September last year…….quite a catchy title, “Good luck with that Pete, go live that dream!”


And after 10 hours…. our message was removed,  and he’s suddenly  laying low.  Pete is about as Transparent as a Kiwi made Gum Boot!  
 This is information for the New Zealand Public, by the New Zealand Public.  We are here to keep NZ informed on this serious issue regarding the Scam Nark.Org,nz and also the two woman who have endeavoured with their “causes, pleas, hui’s, events…etc”. Purely profit driven and  for so long and had gone unnoticed until now.

Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.Nz and Roberta Kararangi of the Riverslea Trust, are quite probably two of the best scammers in NZ.

Mrs Cherie Kara Kurangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.NZ

Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.Nz and Roberta Kararangi of the Riverslea Trust, are quite probably two of the best scammers in NZ.