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Cheriek K Pro

Waikato, New Zealand

Actor, Model, Film & Stage Crew

I dream of playing that Dream part that makes you the actor you always knew you were inside, the Lady of the fire people that can speak Dragon or the Elf who knows the secret of the Mountain. I am her and she is me. I am who you think I am and more. Acting Experience wise Ive done a lot of work and thats listed here but it never tells you what I can do. I have also worked on TV as a Presenter and on many NZ Short Films as both a Lead and Featured extra Actress. I am Passionate about acting and Modeling and believe I have a real future in this career.


Outrageous Fortune Episode 3 Cheriek as Trudi

On Set as Erica

The Bikini Body (Fit and Firm)

The Grey area between Black and White

Cheriek Kara

Cheriek Rip it up Magazine

Oceania 3


Events Management For Surf Lifesaving Charity

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Physical Details


170 cm / 5ft 7in


86 cm / 34in


51 kg / 112 lbs

Shoe size:

5.0 UK /6.5 US / 38.0 Euro



Hair colour:


Skin colour:


Hair length:


Eye colour:


Hair type:



88 cm / 35 in

Dress Size:

6 – 8


63 cm / 25in


  • Waikato University and TWOR : Masters in Management, Hamilton, NZ
  • Performing Arts School : Diploma Performing Arts / Summer School, Hastings, NZ
  • Eastern Institute Of Technology : IT and Computing, Napier, NZ
  • Karamea Studios : Catwalk & Stage Presence, Wellington, NZ
  • Takitimu Performing Arts School : Performing Arts (Voice Dance Drama) (Tama Huata), Hawkes Bay, NZ


Acting experience:

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Maori
  • Samoan
  • Sign Language
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • New Zealand
  • UK English
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • French
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Maori
  • Mexican
  • Pacific Islander
  • Spanish

I am lucky to have had so many opportunities to act as it is a passion. I have acted on 2 hit TV shows including Brown Brothaz and Outrageous Fortune Series 6 both of which are two of New Zealand’s Prime Time TV series on TV3. I have had some very interesting Characters and I take on board any character as I love the way I get to develop as an actor with them.

I have had various Featured extra pieces in TVCs and short dramas but have also been the lead actress in several NZ Short Films.

I have also presented 2 Youth TV Programmes and 1 Music Show for Television.

I Speak English articulately and can also speak Maori and a little Samoan, I pick up languages fast which is helpful if the script is in a foreign language or even a fictional language.


Modeling experience:

Part-time model – paid commercial work

 I have been modelling since 10 & feel I am very experienced in both Promotions and Product Branding as well.I have modeled on several fashion shows, including NZ Fashion Week and Style Pasifika. I have also been a top ranked Auto X girl.

I have entered and placed well at several Bikini Competitions and raised thousands for my Charity of choice Surf Lifesavers New Zealand.

I have modeled nude for artistic photographic purposes and believe that it takes a strong and confident individual to achieve well in this type of modeling all of which I am.

I have huge experience not just in Acting and Modeling but also in Promotions too

TV & Reality

I have not appeared on any game shows, reality TV shows or anything of the sort, This would be a completely new experience for me.

Film & Stage Crew


I Presented 2 Shows for television both of which were Youth Targeted including Taiohi, a daily magazine style format show, which was both informative and covered Polynesian youth issues, and Vibe, a weekend music show . The most valuable experience included Studio links, Directing Talent and interviewing both National and International Celebrities.
Duties Included:
– Storyboarding
– Cuts only editing.
– Post Production

More Recently I wrote and pieced together the storyline and synopsis for a documentary on Young Women and Violent Crime Girl Gangs. The experience learnt from this was invaluable to my capabilities in both Pre and Post Production. I also gained firsthand knowledge about interviewing people about more sensitive issues.
– Synopsis Development
– Advanced Interviews for Research
– Processing Video Footage.
– Legal Obligations for Documentaries



I believe that as the industry develops so should our skills in NZ I love working with our Native Roots I.e. MIKA is someone I dearly loved working for because creating publicity for LIVE SHOWS has always been an exciting and “Full ON” experience, something MIKA is internationally renowned for. This show was the first of its kind ever in New Zealand and so I found the Promotional work behind it both invigorating and challenging.
– Create National and International Media and Public interest in MIKA the Show.
– Co-ordinate Media at live shows / Press Conferences.

As the primary publicist and Promotions Coordinator, I was solely responsible for the media liaison for MA-V-ELLE. I was also instrumental in the construction of their first National Tour of New Zealand, and created the networks and venues for the group to perform at. I worked both from home and within FESTIVAL RECORDS, the distributor company, to initiate Media and Public interest in the Tour and Their Album Release.
– Construct and network MA-V-ELLE National Tour
– Organise and Co-Ordinate Media at LIVE SHOWS
– Compile GST / PAYE returns.
– Processing Invoices. Maintaining Vehicle Log Books



Ms Cherie craves for the limelight again…..

Its certainly been a while since our last update.  Ms Cherie Sweeney now has another media venture she would like to achieve all in the name of her “obsolete” Org.  She refuses to take responsibility for the demise of her organisation by which she played a major part.  Recapping her bullying of members, missing monies, her continuous attacks of innocent people on Facebook.  the infamous Roberta Karangaroa her Aunty and convicted fraudster.

Cherie’s colourful life of gangs, business’s and of course her ever self seeking endeavour for fame and fortune.  Sadly this is at the expense of our most vulnerable in New Zealand.  Cherie now blames others for her fake organization not getting off the ground and running legally as a charity.  This woman has no idea how to take responsibility for her own actions. There is nothing stopping this women from registering her “charity”…

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Ms Cherie craves for the limelight again…..

Its certainly been a while since our last update.  Ms Cherie Sweeney now has another media venture she would like to achieve all in the name of her “obsolete” Org.  She refuses to take responsibility for the demise of her organisation by which she played a major part.  Recapping her bullying of members, missing monies, her continuous attacks of innocent people on Facebook.  the infamous Roberta Karangaroa her Aunty and convicted fraudster.

Cherie’s colourful life of gangs, business’s and of course her ever self seeking endeavour for fame and fortune.  Sadly this is at the expense of our most vulnerable in New Zealand.  Cherie now blames others for her fake organization not getting off the ground and running legally as a charity.  This woman has no idea how to take responsibility for her own actions. There is nothing stopping this women from registering her “charity”  In fact, it had a professional website which had much information on it and links to various organisations in NZ.

Once she was found to be a fraud, only wanting to be the media “face”, never helping out in her own organization and fundraising money that had disappeared. Many people pulled out when they realised what Cherie was all about, even Pete George made is quick get away once Cherie was exposed. This latest escapade will have her whisked away to Fiji for 14 fabulous days with personal and business Trainers and all in front of cameras, (her media love) How is this going to help the issue of Child abuse in NZ you ask?  We ponder on this too…..

From Star Now:

FINAL DAYS APPLY NOW: Brand New Show Casting – ‘This Is Your Life Change’

FINAL DAYS APPLY NOW: Brand New Show Casting - 'This Is Your Life Change'

FINAL DAYS APPLY NOW: Brand New Show Casting – ‘This Is Your Life Change’

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One TV show is making six individuals dreams a reality by whisking them away to a 200 acre-island in Fiji and will be pushing their body, mind and spirit in what is set to become a ground breaking TV show.

‘This Is Your Life Change’ is set to turn your dreams into reality.

Working with a life coach, a business coach and a personal trainer six individuals will be taken through a challenging and motivating programme that will enable you to grow in confidence, to destroy limiting thoughts, to get your health and fitness goals back on track and to fulfil your secret dream.

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Lets not forget she has used many “causes” in the past for want of personal notoriety in the media and also monetary gain for her personal use too.  This woman has no integrity and will exploit issues close to peoples hearts. History has proven that too many times, with this lady.  

From the Tangata Whenua website:

Life change challenge to change the lives of kiwi kids

Feb 24, 2015

Going to a remote 200 acre island in Fiji to be on an international TV Show doesn’t sound like the usual way to solve Child Abuse in New Zealand, but that is exactly what Cherie Sweeney of N.A.R.K wants to do.


Cherie is taking a very new and in this case extreme method to “get back that fighter in me so I can fight for our kids” she says. Cherie wants to be put to the test in the international TV Show this is your life change challenge, where over 14 days she will be working with a life coach and a business and personal trainer.

She will be taken through a challenging and motivating programme that will see her do things even she never thought possible. “I want to be moulded into a much stronger person, one who can take whatever is thrown at me.” She says.

Cherie, known as the N.A.R.K (Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids) mum was branded a ‘nark’ after speaking to police about the non-accidental death of Ngaruawahia baby 6month old Serenity Scott. “When I first embarked on this campaign I just wanted to STOP Child Abuse and Neglect in New Zealand. Our country’s’ statistics with kids is appalling, 1 child dies every 5 weeks and 1 in 4 live in harsh poverty without the simple basics that many of us take for granted”

Coincidentally after the arrest of Mark Ellery for Serenity’s murder in January 2012, Cherie became the focus of anonymous trolls who created “anti-Cherie” blogs. “They ridiculed me, my family and their past and my character was denigrated to the extent that I lost confidence in myself and worse, I began to believe that I would never make a difference, or be taken seriously again.”

This became apparent when Cherie’s urgent concerns of a then 10 year old boys safety and needs were not heeded by Police and Child Youth and family, This young boy then went on to murder a Father of 3, Arun Kumar in front of his wife and family.

“I tried to set up my campaign as a legal entity but was overshadowed by false accusations of fraud from these anonymous bloggers.” She says “I have never been charged or convicted of fraud ever.”

More recently when investigating a repeat paedophile who had been manipulating the legal systems to gain access to children Cherie was Cyber attacked, in what she believes was an effort to discredit her and stop her work


Cherie would dearly love to see her dream of N.A.R.K (Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids) become a real mover and shaker. She dreams of making a strong and positive impact on the lives of Kiwi kids suffering from Child Abuse and Poverty, Cherie feels that these children need someone to advocate for them and make real change on their behalf in our government and our communities.

“I dream of being that person that pushes the New Zealand government for a cross-party approach to fighting child abuse in New Zealand as this has been wanted by many for the last 3 years.” “I will even help facilitate the talks if need be” She says.

The This is your life change TV Show is the brain child of Mark Bowness, Ryan Magdziarz and Sofia Toumbas, who have come together to form a powerful team where just 6 people are given the opportunity to totally transform their life…forever! During the two weeks contestants will immerse in traditional Fijian culture, where this powerful team will challenge everything these participants ever knew about succeeding.

All 6 contestants come with a secret dream – a business that they want to launch, a product that they are keen to create or like Cherie a charity that they are desperate to turn into a reality.

7 Days are left for all 2223 entrants from 49 Countries to make their mark and stand out from the rest. Can Cherie do it? Her reply “All I can say is our kids are worth it”.


This is Your Life change Challenger –  Cherie Sweeney of N.A.R.K at cell 021 124 0563This is Your Life Change Creater – Mark Bowness: 0390 282110 (Australia) +61 3 9028 2110 (outside Australia)For all media opportunities please email 

Update on from last entry post: The abuse of Cherie Sweeney and her fake Charity Org, NARK.

There was no apology from Cherie Sweeney for instigating a hate campaign due to her post on the page, directing social abuse being hurled toward a woman she didn’t know or the factual circumstances that had taken place.  This women had not been charged or arrested for anything, and the Police had already posted on her post thread to inform the public. Interestingly enough there was no mention of Cherie or her fake Org in this article. However Cherie still portrays to the public that NARK is a real Org.

News item from News:

Baby briefly unattended at KFC

 Last updated 18:25 04/12/2014

Baby briefly unattended at KFC

A Hastings mother will be referred to Child, Youth and Family after a baby boy was left briefly unattended at a fast-food outlet.

Sergeant Glen Yule said the mother and child arrived at the Hastings KFC restaurant with the baby’s grandmother at 12.30pm on Wednesday. The adults began to argue and left the store.

The child was in a baby capsule, which the mother put on the floor before following the grandmother into the car park.

The pair argued for a few minutes and the mother then returned for her baby.

By this time, concerned customers had picked up the child to care for it, and refused to give it back to its mother, Yule said.

“There was some confusion in the store about the mother’s intentions, and some customers became concerned and took it upon themselves to keep the baby safe.

“The mother made some unfortunate comments that may have been misconstrued.”

Fellow customer Shelly Bartlett said she could not believe the mother left her child, even for a minutes. “She didn’t even buy any food, just dumped the baby and left.

“I heard her say she didn’t even want him.”

The police were called and the boy was returned to the mother and grandmother’s care. As was normal practice, a referral would be made to Child, Youth and Family, Yule said.

Since our last post (Link here), the following update has been posted on Cherie Sweeney’s Stop death and abuse of children’s Facebook page. Link here:

Her previous post was removed and this is the new post:

Dated 4/12/2014

Thank you to all our community people who spoke up and have helped actioned this mummy to get support. Without your concerns we would not have been able to awhi and get your voices heard.…/638…/Baby-briefly-unattended-at-KFC

A Hastings mother will be referred to Child, Youth and Family after a baby boy was left briefly unattended at a fast-food outlet.
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    Mahara Tahuhu I’m pleased to see you’ve removed the misleading post alleging the baby was abandoned. Well done for taking this step.
    I only hope you can now make things right by acknowledging on this page that the previous post was misleading and that it caused unnecessary aded distress and harm to the mother, her whanau and community. A simple retraction can do wonders. I sincerely hope you’ll make the positive choice to follow up the removal of the aforementioned post with this second action.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Retract what? We will continue to support our community members who have concerns for our kids. This is what NARK does. Support those who speak up. The kaupapa is to empower and encourage them to whakamanahia them.
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      Mahara Tahuhu Why, retract your allegation that the woman ‘abandoned’ the baby, of course. Or did you forget it (and that inflammatory screenshot) immediately once you’d deleted the OP?
      I made several salient points in my last comment under that post in regards to the damage social media can do when folks are given incorrect or inaccurate information and the dangers of induly influencing public opinion. I do hope you read and considered them before you deleted the post using the word ‘abandoned’ with the accompanying screenshot which was both damning and inflammatory (and seemingly an inaccurate version of events now that we have more information).
      Considering your continued refusal to acknowledge that you were a bit hasty and unwise in your choice of material when you posted your OP though, I suspect you didn’t consider in great depth what I wrote previously – assuming you read it at all.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Have you had a talk to anyone involved? They are sticking by their korero & know facts. I am not going to go on but simply there were multiple concerns from different people and they were justified. The mum in question is now receiving the urgent help she requires. Respect your opinion but doesnt mean I agree with all you say.
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      Mahara Tahuhu As previously stated, you did use the word ‘abandoned’ and the screenshot you put up accused this mother of trying to drive away from the location. It also said there were two people with the mother but the police summary of events said she was accompanied only by her own mother, with whom she was arguing.
      There is a world of difference between two people arguing in a car park and three people getting in a car and trying to drive off – surely you agree with that, at least? Therefore surely you can appreciate that regardless of your good intentions you used words and evidence that were inaccurate. As a result this woman was abused and vilified on social media. Rationalise your aims any way you like, but your choices didn’t show her you supported her. Conversely, it demonised her. You really, really need to acknowledge this. I feel it’s important.
      How much you believe of the witness accounts is irrelevant (and as I said in earlier posts, witness accounts are not 100% reliable, emotion is contagious and there are many factors which can influence their recollection whether directly or indirectly – if you like I can do a quick hunt for examples as psychological research has examined this behaviour).
      The relevant point is that inaccurate information was posted publicly on social media. It was shared and seen by a great deal of people who then formed an opinion based on the (inaccurate) information they read. That is what I’m referring to when I encourage you to retract your original accusation.
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      Mahara Tahuhu Additionally, an impartial third party who does not personally know any of those involved and has not been influenced by emotionally driven witness account is in an excellent position to critically analyse the consequences of posts like the original, hence why I’m continuing to reiterate my points.
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    Rhiannon Victoria Exactly as I had suspected, people jumping to conclusions, flinging accusations, demanding they don’t give the baby back. All based on one persons account. I hate how people are so quick to judge in these situations without even knowing the facts! Whats gives us the right to be judge n jury…? I hope ya’ll dont ever have to be in a situation like that… :/
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children The information NARK has was based on several peoples account not just 1. Agree re not being Judge & Jury
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    Jayden Langley Finally some positive comments. This is my family and they amount of negative, hurting comments and false information that were said was just inappropriate. I wasn’t there but reading all the comments about my mum especially was hurting but that FB for yah.
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    Claire Bryant I think this had been blown out of proportion big time hope baby and mum are ok. It’s not easy being a parent. I don’t think what she did is right but it has been made into a big drama
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    Keri Herd For god sake I fight with my husband does that mean that mychildren are unsafe?? no way, the fact this mum moved it away from her child is commendable her baby was not in any emmediate danger and the mum returned another case of wasting cyf time when there are children that are getting beaten and murdered. I feel sorry for the mum and I think this whole welldone for getting your voices heard when not one person on this site was there yet you bullied the authorities into setting cyfs on this mum!!!
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    Nicola Hanna I’m confused. If the link to the article is correct a mother still walked out of a shop purposefully leaving her baby behind. For whatever reason this isn’t and never would be okay in any circumstance. I’m glad she had been referred to CYFS and hope she can get the support and assistance she needs to be a better parent.

Dated on the 3 December 2014…..

Cherie Sweeney posted on her “fake Org” page a status about an incident concerning a baby being left on the floor at K.F.C in Hawkes bay.  The problem with this is why post something that is very much condemning persons when she has had no proof of what actually happened. Despite people being shocked at this post status, she still tries to justify herself. Why does she still deceive the public into portraying her Org is real? Please read the following for your information.

This is in regards to an incident at K.F.C Hastings. Article from Hawkes bay today. Link is here

Baby left on floor of Hastings KFC

1 comment
The woman left the 6-month-old baby on the floor of KFC. Photo / File
The woman left the 6-month-old baby on the floor of KFC. Photo / File

A Hastings woman has been referred to Child, Youth and Family after leaving her 6-month-old baby on the floor of a KFC restaurant yesterday.

The woman arrived with her mother just after 12.30pm, but they soon started arguing. The heated debate then spilled to a carpark and the child was left inside a capsule on the ground for a matter of minutes.

Outraged members of public cared for the baby and refused to return him to his mother when she stormed back into the Hastings eatery.

“There was some confusion in the store about the mother’s intentions and some customers became concerned and took it upon themselves to keep the baby safe,” Sergeant Glen Yule said.

“The mother made some unfortunate comments that may have been misconstrued.”

After assessing the situation, police were satisfied the baby was not in any danger and made a referral to Child, Youth and Family regarding the incident.

Cherie Sweeney, founder and volunteer of an organisation called Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Children, had been contacted by “irate” witnesses who were shocked that nothing more was done.

“She was more interested in having a domestic dispute which seriously put a child at risk,” Ms Sweeney said.

Hawkes Bay Today

Below is a status post from Cherie Sweeneys, ‘fake Org’ facebook page: STOP Death and Abuse of our Children. Link here:

VERY DISTURBING Baby abandoned at KFC Hastings. Police were rung and gave baby back to the Mum who left him. Do you think Police should have done more? I.e. called CYFs first before they handed baby back ?feeling confused with Tansy Koha and 2 others at Hastings Kfc.
Photo: VERY DISTURBING Baby abandoned at KFC Hastings. Police were rung and gave baby back to the Mum who left him. Do you think Police should have done more? I.e. called CYFs first before they handed baby back ?
  • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Hawke’s Bay Police Hi everyone, there has obviously been a lot of rumour and misinformation circulated about this incident. Here are the facts:
    A Hastings mother came into the shop yesterday with her mother and carrying her six-month-old son in a baby capsule. An argument then developed between the two women and they left the store. The mother placed the baby on the shop floor before following her mother out into the carpark. The pair continued arguing for a few minutes and the mother then came back into the shop to pick up her baby.
    By this time, concerned customers had picked up the baby and were caring for it in the shop and would not give it back to the mother. The mother then rang police to say that some “Good Samaritans” had her baby and would not give it back to her. Police arrived and the baby was returned to the mother.

    There was some confusion in the store about the mother’s intentions and some customers became concerned and took it upon themselves to keep the baby safe. The mother made some unfortunate comments that may have been misconstrued. After talking to the mother of the baby and the grandmother, police were satisfied the baby was in no danger and he was returned to them. As per normal practice, a referral will be made to Child, Youth and Family regarding the incident. We hope this clears it up for everyone.
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      Julie Thompson Trial by Facebook doesn’t help anyone. Glad the police are being sensible and assume CYFS will be also. Separating mothers and babies is a silly idea if you ask me.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi there, NARK Founder has spoken to Police Officer Mark Pettrigrew as we had concerns after an informant alerted us to this situation. He has informed us that Police would be treating this case with a Higher Priority than he had previously, We understand that there is a Mandate for Police to notify Child Youth and Family and feel that an on call crisis social worker should have been called to diffuse the situation. We also feel that the not taking of statements from witnesses was not good as these are valuable in the safety of our children. A baby cannot speak up for himself. NARK would like Hastings Police to collect Camera footage and fully investigate this matter, We at NARK feel that we will not let these kinds of incidences slide under a mat. Family Violence in any form be it with a partner or as in this situation a Mum and grandmother are a serious issue for all our children.Like ·ADMIN – STOP Death and Abuse of our Children
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children We also do not agree with seperating Mothers and Children but we would like to see the right kinds of supports for this Mum and baby
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      Amanda McDonough Give it up NARK. You need to apologize to that mother.
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      Amanda McDonough The way you have behaved on Facebook is far more abusive than a mother placing a baby down in a shop.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I have not passed Judgement nor abused this mother and the facebook info is from the witnesses who requested my help to resolve this.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I do feel that Family Violence (including verbal physical and mental abuse) is a serious issue and that it does not just happen in partners it also happens to parents, and grandparents.
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      Amanda McDonough Stop justifying your bad behavior. You could have helped this mum or looked into this without smearing it on Facebook! No matter how thin the pancake is, it always has two sides.
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children The 3 witnesses aka “good samaritans” also tried to help her as did her mother (their statements) yet they were abused. This Mum has been offered help and support all of which may not have happened without this post.
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      Sae-Charn Staples-Tiopira Yeah what’s this ?
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      Amanda McDonough Of course they were abused! They wouldn’t give her baby back! They did nothing wrong but it’s a highly emotional situation! Jeeez it must be really hard being so damn perfect!
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      Sae-Charn Staples-Tiopira How do I send photos? The police are wrong because I have evidence frm renee abandon the baby
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      Jimi Harris For starters if u arguing or even having a full on scrap u don’t leave a little infant anywhere fuckin bullshit story bitch should go to court and the baby should be given to people who will take care of it properly
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Christina Turner Considering the babies being abandoned in aussie if this was actually tru that the kid was abandoned then it would be on the news not just a facebook page
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi there although it started as a facebook status and I was informed by a witness this is a confirmed incident. Police and Restaurant Brands general manager are all aware of incident I will follow up with CYFs team in morning Media are also investigating Thanks
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      Keri Herd Maybe this confirmed incident is not quite true maybe they actually forgot the baby for whatever reason I doubt 3 woman got out of a car walked together to drop the baby by the door then walked back to a car together and drove off?? And really why would they abandon a baby in a busy KFC restraunt during the day I don’t think someone wanting abandon a baby would be that silly I think yes there was an incident but that your whiteness is full of shit no police man in their right mind would just hand a baby back that had been adandoned they legally can’t if there is concern even the slightest for a child they must call cyps
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I guess the security cameras footage will tell the whole story and Police by law must hand a child to its natural guardians I am following up with the constable involved to make sure a notification went in and I am also following up with CYFs
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I am also speaking to the women who rescued the baby
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Ive been informed that Police are required to hand a child to its natural guardian or legal guardian unless they have physical evidence, considering they are yet to sort through camera footage I guess they cant take hearsay SAD thing is Police response was very desensitised, “this kinda thing happens all the time” Personally I feel that a social worker from CYFs crisis team should have been physically involved to assess the risk to the baby
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I have spoken with CYFs crisis team in Hastings and they are treating it as Urgent Priority, They are looking at what went wrong with Police in this incident and the Constable should be held accountable for not following through on the mandate to contact CYFs social worker. This mandate is well known by Police
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Emma Sayle Nobody nos what was going on in her head at that moment the lady obviously needs help there are some very nasty judgemental people on here no its not right but neither is living with a mental illness n feeling totally alone that she has had to do this!!! Shame on you all for making that judgement in your perfect lifes!!!
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      Shayna Sullivan Hold on I can totally understand that maybe she could be suffering from something but why did her mum and sister allow her to leave her baby there….if in your type of world that is acceptable then you need to be checked her child was at multiple risks! Yes she does need help hence why cyfs should have been involved as it’s obvious she needs professional help for her situation. People are very passionate about children, that is nothing to be ashamed of!
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children People may seem judgemental but they are also very upset, NZ average of Child Deaths by Non Accidental Injury are 1 dying every 5 weeks
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children The mum was also with her own mum and sister when she did this so my concern is that she was not alone when she did this and it shows absolutely no family support to help her
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      Ngaire Foote In NZ we all need to remain child focused so that our children are protected…Iam so enjoying National Advocates…Iam so please we have such strength watching out for our babies…child focused and all will be well for out most vulnerable
    • Remove

      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I have an update to this situation, from the Uncle

      Cheries Post
    • Remove
      Danielle PJ Autumn Randell My cousins were the ones who chased after them with their baby and the mother said to them keep him kill him now if all 3 are suffering from a mental illness because they all left then id understand but no this is discusting
    • Remove
      Conna Lilly For me, no matter who was abusing who or who was trying to escape this supposed abuse, or whatever other playground antics were taking place between the adults in this situation, you don’t leave a baby alone for any period of time in a public place. Period.
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
      Write a reply…
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    Jules Buri Whats a shame as that she obviously doesnt have enough support. How is slagging her off, ever going to help anyone grow? Children need their parents, and parents needs support and education. Its about breaking the cycle not judging others.
    • Remove
      Inger Kite If she doesn’t have the support of her mother OR her sister then maybe the baby is better off in care as she must be quite unwell!! In fact I think the entire family need help!!
    • Remove
      Jules Buri Hence the concept of a ‘cycle’ if its how she’s be brought up, its possible she doesnt know better, or doesnt think there is other options. Perhaps short term care is best while the mother can be supported and educated. My point is, just taking babies off people doesnt help. 🙂
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi there although it started as a facebook status and I was informed by a witness this is a confirmed incident. Police and Restaurant Brands general manager are all aware of incident I will follow up with CYFs team in morning, I dont agree with slinging off on another although I am very concerned for the childs safety and welfare
    • Remove
      Jayden Langley This whole thing has gone stupid. This is my mum and sisters. My mum has done an amazing job bringing us up and shes an amazing person. This story has been twisted and some of it is wrong. And to see STOP Death and Abuse of our Children actually post CRAP and false info before they know the actual true story is wrong they should know better.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Our org has posted the screenshot of a post from a witness and also have information from witnesses to the events. Security Cameras also have facts too and these have been collected. We in no way Blame your mum we just had concerns our Founder has contacted your mum. BUT none of this would have been possible without the post, and we would all still be wondering who this mum and baby in need of help are. There is huge concern from the community about this and I really feel that your sister should face consequences for this. Abusng your Mum as you stated in another post is also wrong and I am glad your Mum did not let your sister leave.
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Sandy Burndred Pope so her mother and sister let her leave her baby there?
  • Remove
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Bless you Roxy. You are so caring
    • Remove
      Julie Thompson Um, there’s this little thing called guardianship. It gets decided by the family court judge
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Agree but she means well. Big hearted
    • Remove
      Sarah C Aranui That is not the case u don’t know her so mind ur own buisness peach.
  • Remove
    Ngaire Foote Kind of weird they would just hand baby back….little more to the story I would say
    Like · Reply · 3 · 23 hours ago
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Police are required to hand a child to its natural guardian or legal guardian unless they have evidence, considering they are yet to sort through camera footage I guess they cant take hearsay SAD thing is Police response was very desensitised, “this kinda thing happens all the time” Personally I feel that a social worker from CYFs crisis team should have been physically involved to assess the risk to the baby
      Like · 1 · 23 hours ago
    • Remove
      Ngaire Foote That certainly would have made more sense…our babies certainly need strong voices to advocate for them.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I have spoken with CYFs crisis team in Hastings and they are treating it as Urgent Priority, They are holding the constable accountable for not following through on the mandate to contact CYFs social worker
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Mel Lee family pressure to abandon followed by remorse and misguided possession of personal belongings?
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    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Big Hugs to Stacey Nuku, Leah Hawkins and Livvy N Bman for rescuing this baby xoxo
  • Remove
    Amanda McDonough I guess hearsay and rumors are more closely related than originally thought. There is no way the police or cyfs would have told you any private information unless you had jurisdiction to gain it. If you had jurisdiction you would not be allowed to pass it on or put it on Facebook. So not only have you made this lady miserable and put her in danger, you have done so by misleading the public with your comments about being in contact with police and cyfs and having information verified. I hope the police do get involved, and shut you down before you destroy someone elses life.
    Like · Reply · 3 · 5 hours ago
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children You can confirm contact if you like with Police. I spoke directly to the officer involved. There is no misleading here and the information shared is based on public interest the same reason they inform media when media ask questions. My 3 main questions to Police were 1, Have they contacted CYFs as per their mandate 2, Why were witness statements not taken, and 3 what is their priority on the case.
      Like · 3 hours ago
    • Remove
      Amanda McDonough It’s only public interest because of trolling. Kinda like a naked celebrity. .. just because it’s supposedly ‘public interest’ doesn’t make it moral or correct. Why can’t you just swallow your pride and apologize? You were wrong, you sharing this in social media was a very poor judgment call and had led to this young lady being bullied and abused – the very things you claim to stand against!
    • Remove
      Amanda McDonough Here’s something you might like to think about. That mother made a poor judgement call. Perhaps she thought, at the time that she was doing the right thing but it backfired… sound familiar? All mothers make mistakes. We all get stressed out and we all lose our cool and yell. We don’t all have to endure public humiliation at the hands of someone who wasn’t even there. You should be helping this mum up in a genuine way – ie before you ripped her reputation to shreds for all to see. SHAME ON YOU.
      Over and out.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Can you point out exactly where this page “ripped” her rep to shreds, if anything our concern was that Police had not had an on call social worker attend
      Like · 2 hours ago
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children and I mean by our org The community opinion is just that Opinion
      Like · 2 hours ago
    • Remove
      Amanda McDonough I can’t block you. Please block me, I don’t want to see anymore of this. Nae nae hold your head up and learn from this experience. Don’t let it stop you from living your life. We all make mistakes, it’s called being human. I think you will find there are more people on your side then you think.
      Like · 1 · 2 hours ago · Edited
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Amanda McDonough Has this all been confirmed by the police because if not it’s just hearsay. Hearsay and rumors are closely related. Just saying.
    • Remove
      Jayden Langley Hi, Some of it is true, But some is been seen a different way to what actually was going on. But like usual people jump to conclusions without knowing the whole story that unfolded that day. I know the actual full story but that don’t matter as people don’t give a Shit about it and they just say what they seen/ heard from there point of view.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi Amanda McDonough, Police and Cyfs are both involved and see this as a high priority to resolve. Staff at KFC and management are all also involved as camera footage has been obtained. Media are also involved, Comments relating to confirmation are all posted above
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children The witnesses as you can expect are very emotional about this, Police cant have emotion in cases like this they have a job to do, and CYFs are looking for Rennae as they are very concerned for baby
      Like · 8 hours ago · Edited
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children You also have to remember Jayden that you have your version as you were not actually there, and the witnesses have theirs. No hate just making a point – Shellz
      Like · 1 · 8 hours ago · Edited
    • Remove
      Jayden Langley That’s true I was not there of course. But I trust my mums word 100% rather than someone elses on here that has twisted what happened or say what they think they saw/ heard and love stirring SHIT.
      Like · 1 · 7 hours ago
    • Remove
      Tansy Koha I so feel for you Jayden, what an ugly mess Renee has put you all through, you have the most beautiful family! Headup whanau, RENEE UR AN EGG!
      Like · 45 minutes ago
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Dinelle Saunders Agree ^^but maybe some kind of assessment should’ve been done – maybe it is?
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I am following up with CYFs in Napier office and am awaiting a call back from Police
      Like · 10 · Yesterday at 19:00
    • Remove
      Dinelle Saunders Wish all cases had someone to chase them up. Awesome 🙂
      Like · 3 · Yesterday at 19:26
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Description of baby from eye witness stated that baby was pale and looked weak, possibly dehydrated
    • Remove
      Mahara Tahuhu Are these witnesses all qualified medical professionals and so in a place to accurately make this assessment?
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children 1 is a registered midwife
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Livvy N Bman it was clear that their intention for being at KFC was to get rid of baby. his name is Kanye. gorgeous little man, i swear!
  • Remove
    Mahara Tahuhu Sounds like you folks have let emotions cloud your good judgement. Regardless of what actually happened, it is wholly inappropriate and unprofessional to share the information from the ‘informant’ and to then go digging for statements from others who may have been there. That is the job of police (and CYFS if they choose to undertake this action) NOT any civilian organisation, however well-intentioned their actions may be.You’re all about minimising harm and risk, right? And yet all you’ve done is spread hysteria and therefore increased the liklihood of risk and harm to someone. You guys aren’t a family court judge or even a jury panel.
    You need to retract this post and apologise to the woman for endagering her well-being and safety and for comprimising any future investigations by swaying public opinion.Remember, you weren’t there either and witness statements are rarely 100% reliable or accurate. Witnesses can be influenced (without even realising it) into recalling innacurately the chain of events, so what they do say needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Surely as a professional organisation you would know this and not let your emotions cause you to be reactive and cloud your judgement? You’ve tarnished your previously good work and conduct with your choice, and it’s really quite disappointing.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Kiaora e hoa , I can agree with some of your comment but I was contacted by 11 different people over this incident and as you may well be aware I do not sit back and do nothing. I get involved, I did not go digging for statements as this information I have are from messages that were sent to me before post was made. I contacted CYFs and I followed up with Police as concerns from public should be followed up. Thank you for your korero
      Mahara Tahuhu Ok, so two more questions.
      Firstly, did these 11 witnesses contact you individually and independently of their own volition or were they influenced, encouraged, directed or otherwise guided in the direction of your contact information? Did any of them collaborate or have discussions amongst themselves prior to contacting you?
      Unless they did in fact do their own research and come to you individually and independently of each other with no influence from any third parties the validity and accuracy of some or all of those statements could be comprimised.
      At any rate, pending any future investigations by the police or cyps this should not have been publicly posted. If you had genuine concerns (which I do belive you had) it would have been a far better choice to contact these agencies directly and to encourage these witnesses to cooperate with these agencies, and let them do their job instead of what amounts to a form of vigilantism. Surely you’re aware of how damaging posts like this on social media can be? Once something is on the internet it’s there forever.
      Which brings me to my second question – I see the police have been sufficiently concerned about the furore and aggression your post has caused to post a statement under this thread regarding the incident, yet your headline “Baby abandoned at KFC!” With accompanying screenshot of the post describing that person’s perceived version of events remains. Why? The statement released by police contradicts the OP’s claim that “the women left the baby outside the door, got in the car and tried to drive off and people stopped them”. (I realise that isn’t an exact quote, I’m paraphrasing here).
      The longer this misleading information of questionable validity remains up, the further the flames of dissent will spread and all the while it is manipulating public opinion and demonising this mother before she has even had a chance to go through due process. Whatever did or didn’t happen and whomever is at fault, is not everyone entitled to due process? An individual charged with a crime gets due process, and publicly released unsubstantiated information about the case before it goes to trial is minimised as much as possible to avoid prematurely influencing the public (who could possibly become jurors) – so why is an individual who hasn’t yet been charged with any offence been subjected to this?
      Whatever your personal opinion on whether she is guilty or innocent or who is at fault, it is not fair to her or to her friends, whanau and community to leave a post like this up unedited.
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Gena Shaw Jayden Langley get legal help sue these people block there page coz its all just negative nd its just Going to get to you nd ull get stressed nd emotional nd it can cause u comiting suicide dnt let them judge u nd your family do what’s right for the child you know the full story but these pricks dnt give a shizzz bout anything they just good at gossiping . what happen was wrong you know wat to do get them help . f*** what everybody else says do wats best for you and your fams 😉 dnt justify your family to nobody. Wat they did was stupid but I wouldn’t be Jere judging you if you need help I’m here if you need advice.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children WE at the NARK Community do not judge the family for the actions of Rennae We have made that clear in previous posts. Karen has spoken to our founder and given her facts. Rennae is completely at fault for her own actions and we believe that support and supportive people around Rennae to get her help is greatly needed.
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Tiana Cherish Wtf did you hear about this Shianne Kelly Shannara Orchard
    • Remove
      Shianne Kelly Yea I did.
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi Shannara Orchard because of the strong settings on this page it automatically hides comments when Swear words are used, If you want you can edit so that they read F***k , that way comment to be seen by others. Thanks – Admin
    • Remove
      Tiana Cherish Yeah Shannara edit your comment man
    • Remove
      Shannara Orchard Opps sorry lol. Where was this?
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Inger Kite Is this true? Verified?
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Yes this is a confirmed incident I have spoken to Restaurant and Police will be following up with Cyfs in the morning
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Debbie Peebles ????? wat are ur thoughts…………
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      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Personally I feel that a social worker on crisis line should have been physically involved to assess the risk to the baby
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Rhiannon Victoria Wait, so we are flinging accusations around now based on what some random person wrote on fb??? seriously?
    • Remove
      Shaze Mear my thoughts exactly..sounds rather far-fetched. could be true, but alot of what is said on facebook is bull
    • Remove
      Nicola Hanna Well lets say it is true….I still don’t think she should have got her baby back without a psych evaluation and/or cyfs being involved .It is highly unlikely you would forget you have a 7 month old baby with you .But if she did “forget” she may have depression or drug dependency issues she needs help with .
    • Remove
      Michaela Prebble-Morrell This is tru alright my niece was the 1 who grabbed the baby
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi there although it started as a facebook status and I was informed by a witness this is a confirmed incident. Police and Restaurant Brands general manager are all aware of incident I will follow up with CYFs team in morning
    • Remove
      Jayden Langley Some truth to this story but not all that stated is correct. Some words have been twisted as usual
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children That can happen as witnesses will se it one way and others who were not here will see it another – Cherie
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    Waha Rota how long was the baby left there before police found the mum?
    • Remove
      STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Patrons and staff ran after the mother and stopped her from leaving Staff even fed her before Police arrived
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Just an update I have spoken to Restaurant Brands General Manager to thank staff for their calm thinking and keeping baby safe and warm I have also spoken to Police and am awaiting a response from Senior Sergeant. I will follow up with Child Youth and Family tommorrow
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    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Hi all Cherie here -I have spoken with CYFs crisis team in Hastings and they are treating it as Urgent Priority, They are looking at what went wrong with Police in this incident and the Constable should be held accountable for not following through on the mandate to contact CYFs social worker. This mandate is well known by Police
  • Remove
    Shayna Sullivan What omg did this lady really forget she has a 7month old baby how can someone forget something so precious…why didn’t those with her get bubs something is not right and why wasn’t cyfs involved? Not that they would do much anyway (speaking from a person experience) bit come on system sort it out I would hate to see this little innocent child be another victim statistic of neglect/abuse! These stories break my heart 😦
  • Remove
    Gena Shaw Report the post so that it can be taken down .Save everything that is on here print it out as evidence . jayden Langley I know how you feel. I’ll give you all the advice to sue them nd the media . nd will get help for your sister . judging motherf****
    • Remove
      Jayden Langley Thanks I give up anyway trying. No matter how hard I try they will just believe what’s on here. I’m getting more stressed out with the SHIT that’s on here. I may not have been there but I know more of what’s really going on and what happened that day than the actual “Witnesses” that were there.
    • Who is Cherie Sweeney from
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    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children I would also like to note that the babys grandmother in this incident (as confirmed by the family members of this Mum and Baby) was also being abused and threatened by the Mum of baby and could not physically intervene. I pass no judgement my main concern is the welfare of baby – Cherie
  • Remove
    Talia Chadwick Wholey Moley…hope the baby is ok…
  • Remove
    STOP Death and Abuse of our Children Security Camera Footage has been actioned for collection for Police and Media
  • Remove
    Antonia J Trail Very true… sad for the baby. I cant comprehend how she done this…
  • Remove
    Haylee Powell Don’t give it back aaaargh, so sad.
  • Remove
    Gena Shaw Its good you have concern but wat if the mother killed her safe over this. How would that make u feel do u even think about how it will feel for the child to have no mother . gosh just delete the post . everybody got a learn from there mistakes what a life you have going on Facebook judging mothers nd sharing it for the world to see. Your foundation should be ashamed !! You just making it worst hope u get sued nd the stupid witnesses thinking use are perfect going over board . who the hell contacts Facebook idiots
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    Christina Turner Why do i get the feeling there will be the excuse of the Father was meant to meet them there or would “only be a few minutes” and they was why the panic of “don’t take my baby”. a lot of shared custody agreements are set for to meet in a public place sort of thing, some parents get lazy and inpatient and instead of waiting leave. Still wrong but does happen way too often
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    Zoe Wilson Let’s hope that wee baby isn’t the next one with life threatening injuries. It may have been a cry for help that was dealt with the wrong way!
  • Remove
    Anthea Toheriri Shelly Bartlett
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 20:27
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    Shylo Butler They shouldn’t of given the baby back at all. The b*tch doesn’t deserve to have a child, whether or not she was stressed out!!
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    Julie Thompson I agree, this is self righteous cyber bullying. Delete this post because it is hurting a young woman’s reputation and causing harm. If it is in the hands of qualified people then why keep it in social media? There’s only one reason to keep it here and that is to cause shame, increase exposure and to isolate her.
  • Remove
    Gena Shaw Block me from the post please its annoying now
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    Gena Shaw Sue them all copy nd save everything as evidence
  • Remove
    Maya Williams That’s awful !! She obviously doesn’t want the child. Next time instead of abandoning it in a public place where people will ensure it is looked after she’ll just kill it to get rid of it !! How could they just give it back to her !?! 😦
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    Joelene Matangi Shame on this so called mother. And so much for protecting our kids against abandoment/abuse
  • Remove
    Mackylie Lewis-Te Houkamau Whose to say she wont try it again?! Poor baby.
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    Gena Shaw Y’all need to go pray for your sins . judging people like you god . gosh y’all need to stop net banging .
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    Stacey Nuku Wat bu
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    Awhina Moa Turi Taurima Trevor Taurima
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    Michael Newton Kool Roxy ^^ .. so sad !
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    Shayleigh Hurunui Amesh-Rachel Taiapa-Hurunui
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    Cath Croston Well said Emma x x
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    PatriciaAndemma Legge most definately should have involved cyfs
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    Julie Thompson Jason Thompson
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    Kloe HamlinOxox Baybee Stacey Nuku lol
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    Amanda McDonough WWarrokbmkbbkuiyw

 Update on this issue, link here:

Pete George a Nark Board Member from its beginnings.  I wasn’t going to post on this, as it would be just fueling the abuse, hurled at us by Mr George’s postings.   But this is very much part, of this story (he is also a Nark Board Member). He is also a political blogger, a candidate for Dunedin with United Future, and a great business man.

So we will touch lightly on this subject, about Nark and its inconsistencies.

Many people who were with Nark, never knew who were the Board Members, no transparency of monies donated, missing monies from Nark, the T-Shirt debacle and basically lack of Transparancy with anything to do with Nark and its founder.

When our questions to Cherie and NARK were not answered (8th January 2012), with “Evidence” and people where being removed from the Nark Private Page, for simply asking questions.  People started to become very concerned, as many were given the “run around”, no proof  of where peoples monies had gone to? And the many inconsistencies that followed.  A month or so  later (on the 16th of February), we began a Facebook Page, Cherie Nark NZ (Show NZ the Money!), after concerns where raised to Ms Cherie’s “Mortgage Plea”,

We found an interesting note: Mysterious Note for NZ?

Also an Email: Strange Email to Ms Cherie?

The lack of “Mortgage” evidence that Ms Sweeney said, she would provide the next day.  Apart from (a copy of a statement of the funds donated), we found it a real concern.  That night, we found a lot of inconsistencies with what Ms Sweeney was telling the people on her “event”.

The link of that Plea:

A total lack of Transparency with that “Plea”, just like with the Nark “monies donated” by the NZ public, to her Nark Org for the most important child abuse issue, which is so prevalent in NZ.

More information on this link:

So many questions needed answers, and we began our Facebook Page.  From the beginning of our Facebook page, we had been attacked, abused, bullied and removed.  All of this because the Public needed to know, what was going on with this Org and why we were not getting any “evidenced” answers or responses from Cherie and the Nark Board.   The public themselves (on our Facebook Page), were having their profile pages attacked,  reported etc..for simply asking questions or commenting on posts.   We knew as the Public, we must look more into this issue.

We found “Evidence” of Ms Cherie’s previous lifestyle and also confirmed that Mr and Ms Cherie Sweeney are still members of a well known gang in NZ.   When posting our “Evidence” up on our page, they were reported and removed.  We also found “Evidence” of Ms Cherie’s business ventures and Charity Events she had previously managed.  She has been an actor, model, worked in Media (her business) and also does sponsorship and funding.  These were all kept from the NZ Public. Why? We do not know. But when the media got wind of our page  and two articles were published:

Ms Sweeney and Nark responded on Voxy.

These were the first responses, we were given from Cherie and Nark, since the 8th of  January, which many members, were removed with no answers.

You will see our findings contradict, what Ms Cherie Sweeney and Nark have said via Voxy.

NZ public are not naive, check our response link here: Falsely Accused?

Back to the subject of Mr Pete George.  Some of us, did not know who he was, also that he was a Board Member of Nark.  He posted his first public response about us on the Stop Abuse page:

It’s been sad to see a few wobbles and wobblies in the Nark and wider anti abuse circles. While nearly everyone has had the best of intentions there have been frustrations and grizzles, some justified.Unfortunately some of you may have also seen abuse and accusations, some of which have escalated recently to a level that’s very sad and sick. I think most of us realise this is totally at odds with what we are trying to achieve in reducing abuse.

I stuck with Nark through some rough times because I believed in people and ideals and hoped things could be sorted out. I think that things have tidied up as well as they could be and are on track to make a difference for children.

Being put in the spotlight has been particularly challenging for Cherie, and it has attracted a few knockers. That’s tough for someone who had the guts to stand up and set an example where standing up is badly needed.

I’m still on the interim board of Nark and am familiar with what has been happening, internally and around Nark. I want to say that I have full confidence in Cherie and what she’s done. From what I’ve seen and know I believe she has acted with honourable intent in the best interests of this cause, at significant personal cost. She deserves the respect most people give her.

We need to be positive, be respectful of others, and do what we’re here for, whatever we can to help our kids.

Like ·  · Share
    • Megan Murphy it’s amazing that anyone puts their head above the parapet when it means getting slammed so publicly. good on you, Cherie.

      7 March at 06:56 · Like ·  11
    • Vanessa Caseley Absolutely huge respect for Cherie. A courageous move to put herself out there and stand up for our children.

      7 March at 06:59 · Like ·  12
    • Ananda Callaghan We have some among us who put ego above truth, racial defensiveness above children, and hatred above love. Ignore them and stay focused. Join STOP CHILD ABUSE IN NEW ZEALAND/AOTEOROA and KIA KAHA NZ CXX

      7 March at 07:16 · Like ·  7
    • Tasha Beazley Kia kaha tonu! anythn 2stop child abuse is a good thing!!

      7 March at 07:20 · Like ·  3
    • Brian Gallagher I am amazed that in the matter of stopping child abuse that ALL people are not united in this cause. GO Cherie and GO! Nark.May the power be with you!

      7 March at 07:39 · Like ·  6
    • Renee Stone We need to stand united in the cause not pick apart those leading the charge. What sort of message are we sending if we are picking Cherie apart when she put her neck out in the beginning and spoke out when no one else had the guts??

      7 March at 08:09 · Like ·  3
    • Karen Goa Cherie, you have my utmost respect. Any social media site always attracts some people who don’t respect the intent and only want to push their own barrow. Please ignore it – hard I know – and let’s get on with making changes to stop child abuse.

      7 March at 08:16 · Like ·  1
    • Whakamana Tangata ‎’…what is true of th individual wil b 2morro true of th whole nation if individuals wil but refuse 2 lose heart & hope…’ Ghandi – do not lose your heart or your hope Cherie… sendn much kaha & respect…

      7 March at 08:36 · Like ·  1
    • STOP Death by Abuse of our Children Sorry, I didn’t notice when I post here it’s under NARK and not my name – I’m Pete George and thanks for the support 🙂

      7 March at 08:42 · Like ·  7
    • Rebecca Jones It makes me proud to be a NZer with strong and courageous people like Cherie who have made a stand. Sad to hear (but not surprised) that there’s been some hassles on the way. Cherie has been strong for the rest of us, maybe now it’s time to be strong for her – and with her 🙂

      7 March at 08:54 · Like ·  5
    • Megan Burnett Cherie is amazing and I support her 100%…

      7 March at 08:57 · Like ·  2
    • Marie Kirkwood Cherie, and Nark, have my total support. Cherie you are an amazing woman; I admire your strength, courage and kaupapa. Pete, hang in there – you’re needed. 😀 ♥

      7 March at 15:55 · Like ·  1
    • Leanne Tahu Dont let a hand full of peoples negitivity take the focus away from saving the kids. Stay positive and lets put our energy into saving our kids from the ugly people

      7 March at 17:12 · Like ·  3
    • Julie Wilson Lynch mobs are still alive and kicking. They are an embarrassment to themselves. All the best to the NARK community. You will overcome. Love is stronger than hate.

      7 March at 21:43 · Like ·  2
    • Wendy Mathews Cherie I thankyou for your stand and I am so sorry that in doing so you have been harrassed like this from within. Those people only do so much damage to the work of NARK and with continued unity and bearing all this flak together alongside Cherie we will not stop doing what is right. We will not SHUT UP will not put up with Violence Abuse or Worse. The cause is more important than individuals own personal agendas and Cherie I will stand with you, I believe in your integrity, if I did not I would not be a part of this group.


We had been vilified publicly, for want of answers. Also some of the members who had seen our evidence, of Nark and Ms Cherie we posted on our Facebook page and had withdrew their support for both the founder and her Org, were vilified also.  This issue, is NOT about stopping the support or help toward the Child Abuse Cause, which is so desperately required in NZ.  This is about Transparency of a founder and the Nark Organization, which are both, meant to be representing this Cause.  Neither have been Transparent to date. Why? Again we are still waiting for “evidenced” answers on that.

We also posted this thread in our notes on our Facebook page for the public, which was removed.

Next Mr Pete George, starting attacking the public on his Your NZ blog site.

There are other posts he wrote over the next few days.  We had publicly asked him to come on to our page to help us understand what was going on.  He never did, but persisted in running to his blog for updates about NZ needing “evidenced” answers.  There is also a post from a guest suggesting our page had to do with a certain “book” of sorts? We found that interesting, and also a distraction from the issue.  During his posts he had said:

Confronting the real abuse


 I have been witnessing an online campaign of abuse, false and unsubstantiated accusation, character assassination, misrepresentation of identities, attempts to shut down speech, attempts to shut down organisations. It has ranged from annoying to disgraceful.

And that’s not the worst of it. Others have linked some of this to criminal and mental health histories, death threats, even incest. This is associated with people who present themselves as working against abuse – some of them are the worst of abusers.

There’s only a few people actively doing this, but they also draw in others to support them, using (and abusing) vulnerable people to promote their own agendas.

I and others have gathered evidence of all of these things, and have established identities behind it. There’s a lot of evidence.  Here’s some of what’s on the surface.


We had much questions for Mr Pete George: Why was he accusing us of false accusations, when we had posted all the “evidence” we claimed.  In regards to shutting down speech, it was actually our page, which was shut down 4 times for finding some “evidenced” answers to questions ourselves, as none was forth coming from Cherie and the Nark Board.  The most disgraceful part is, that we found disturbing evidence, of Cherie and her Husband’s past and current lifestyle.  The “Voxy” article confirmed for us ( the NZ public), that things were certainly wrong.

Mr Pete George had said our page is…” linked to criminals, mental health histories, death threads even incest?  This is associated with people who present themselves as working against abuse – some of them are the worst abusers….”

Quite appalling accusations from someone in his position.  Yet, he is prepared to point fingers at anyone and everyone who refuses, to be bullied by Cherie and Nark. Purely distracting from the issue at hand.  He also must of forgotten, to look at the history, and current situation of Ms Cherie and Husband.  Also, the previous criminal activity, regarding that.  We found it interesting that all his claims of abuse, attacks, threats and maliciousness, nasty accusations were actually directed at us (and yes, we also have “evidence” of that too).

We also asked Mr Pete George: With all this mud-slinging and trying to dig up dirt on innocent people on our public page, where does he find time to help with the Child Abuse cause, that he is involved with, being a Nark Board Member?  No answers to our questions, but he did stop his abusive writings toward the NZ Public on his blog site.

We do wonder, what his motivations are in attacking the public, for want of deserving “evidenced” answers to the relevant questions.  Ms Cherie made it public for her Nark Events, and fund-raising and the trusting public have given freely, but when requiring accountability and wanting transparency of the monies donated?, Cherie and NARK seem to be silent and attack the public,  for these serious questions….

From a very concerned public member, who had faced the abuse from Cherie and NARK, also Mr Pete George: As soon as you start asking questions, you are then attacked, abused, villified. As far as I am aware, I have not been nasty in asking questions but have received nothing but evasiveness in return. Still no answers. What did astound me was the attack from a totally different direction through a PM and now when I read through posts I wonder why.

The NZ public who give so freely and kindly to any “charity trust” or other, please be aware that the donations you give are actually going to the cause.  Also, please do some research into finding a registered Charity, at least you know that they are a legal entity and therefore are required to be transparent.

Consumer affairs NZ website

 Excellent information and recourse’s:

About Scamwatch                  

 The aim of Scamwatch is to provide you with information you need to protect yourself from scams, so you can recognise a setup and avoid the hook and the inevitable sting of a scam.

The aim of Scamwatch

Almost everyone has been the target of a scam at some stage in their lives, and many people have repeated, ongoing exposure to scam attempts.

What the research says

Ministry of Consumer Affairs research carried out in 2009 found that

  • 15% of New Zealand adults have been scammed or tricked out of money
  • The likelihood of being scammed or tricked out of money does not differ substantially by education, income or age.
  • Most scams (60%) involved sums less than $1000, and 79% involved a sum less than $5000

Read the full report here [PDF]. Scam research is on page 53-54.

Additionally, based on overseas research conducted in the UK and Australia, we would estimate that the average loss to a scam is around $2,300.

Protect yourself

Scammers create great set-ups, with bait designed to hook you. If you take the hook, they will sting you!

 Find out how to protect yourself.

 Find out about types of scams and how they work.

 The Alert section keeps you informed of scams that are out there circulating in the New Zealand community, so you can be aware and prepared for them.

 See our latest scam alerts.

 This section provides alerts based on information reported to Scamwatch by those who have been confronted with scams – and who want to help protect others. It also contains information about scams from the media.

Report a scam

If you want to protect others by reporting a scam attempt that is not already on our Alert section, your report will automatically be sent to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

The Ministry may use your information, taking out any personal identity details, to create an alert on Scamwatch to keep others aware and prepared.

 Report a scam to Scamwatch.

 Scamwatch also provides advice for those who have fallen for the bait and been hooked.

Information on what Scamwatch does. Background information on the annual Fraud Awareness campaign run by the Ministry.

 Link: Types of scams

The types of scams that Scamwatch covers.         

Constantly changing

Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to scam. It’s their day job. It could be taking money for goods that don’t exist. Or tricking you into giving them access to your PC. There are countless ways scammers may try to draw you in.

Tell tale signs

The good news is you’re less likely to fall for a scam if you can spot some of the usual signs. Most scams follow basic patterns. This section lists the hallmarks of different types of scams.

Do your homework!!

You have less chance of being scammed if you do some research before handing over your cash. Do an online search of the company or person’s name with the word ‘scam’ after it. It may bring up stories of other people who have experienced the same scam.

 Charity scams                      

What charity scams look like and how they work.

The set-up

A charity approaches you to make a donation.

The hook

You respond generously, without checking the charity’s or collector’s credentials.

The sting

There was no charity, your money is gone, and the real people in need get nothing.

How charity scams work

You’re asked to be generous, and you respond. But the charity turns out to be fake, or a scammer pretending to be a real charity. You go from feeling good for helping to feeling like a fool.

Natural disasters are often the trigger for fake charity scams. Scammers asked for money after the earthquakes in Haiti and Christchurch. But any kind of charity can become the subject of a scam.

Scammers know that they can play on your emotions. They may present you with images and stories about sick children or homeless animals.

Some scammers set up lotteries and sell tickets. They say the proceeds will be going to charity when only a tiny fraction of the money raised goes to the charity.
Protect yourself from charity scams

  • If a charity asks you for money, do some research before saying ‘yes’ to their appeal. If it’s a well-known charity, email or phone them to check they’re really doing an appeal. If it’s a charity you haven’t heard of, contact the Charities Commission to make sure they’re genuine. You could also put their name into an internet search engine, followed by ‘scam’ to see if there are any reports of it being a scam.
  • If you’re approached face-to-face by someone representing a charity, look for official identification. Even if they have ID, check for signs that the ID may be faked.
  • Don’t be pressured or intimidated, or made to feel guilty. Genuine charities would regard such tactics as bad for their reputations.
  • Ask for full details of the charity, such as name, address, phone number and charity registration details. If the collector is reluctant to give out this information, find another way to contribute.

Help protect others from charity scams

If you’ve been affected by a charity scam, please help us to warn others by reporting your story to Scamwatch. Your personal details will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Report a scam                      

We may use this information to warn others by keeping the Alerts section of this site up to date, and it will be added to the data which is collected on scams by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Consumer Affairs has teamed up with it’s trusted partner Netsafe to allow you to make your report through the ORB.

We will treat your information with the utmost sensitivity. Click the link below to begin your scam report via the ORB.

 Report a scam now.

Note: We may use this information to warn others. It will also help  Consumer Affairs to build up an overall picture of scams in New Zealand. You must be a New Zealand resident to report a scam. Consumer Affairs is not an enforcement agency and may not be able to respond to you directly regarding this scam.

 Other agencies that deal with scams                     

            Links to other agencies who give advice on scams or can investigate scams.

New Zealand-based agencies

The Commerce Commission can investigate scams that breach the Fair Trading Act, such as pyramid schemes.

Visit the Commerce Commission website.

The Department of Internal Affairs deals with indentity issues and spam.

Visit the Department of Internal Affairs website.

Netsafe gives advice on keeping safe online.

Visit the Netsafe website.

Consumer NZ have information about scams on their website.

Visit Consumer NZ’s website.

The Securities Commission can investigate investment scams.

Visit the Securities Commission website.

The NZ Police can investigate fraud that happens in New Zealand.

Visit the NZ Police website.

The Serious Fraud Office can investigate serious and complex fraud.

NZ Serious Fraud Office website. The SFO office deals with:

Fraud is defined as dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any person or entity, including theft of money or other property, by employees or persons external to the entity; and where deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately following the activity.

Our focus is serious or complex fraud, which we determine using an indicative criteria:

  • There are multiple victims (usually investors) of the suspected fraud
  • The sum of money lost exceeds $2,000,000
  • The alleged criminal transactions have significant legal or financial complexity beyond the resources of most other law enforcement agencies.

In the case of bribery or corruption matters, we focus on crimes involving public officials, which could undermine public confidence in the administration of laws.

Complex or serious fraud is distinct from other dishonesty offences that will ordinarily be a Police matter to investigate. As a small, specialised organisation, we focus on cases that are small in number, but large in terms of the scale of the alleged fraud and/or impact they have on public confidence in the administration of the law, or, the integrity of the business sector.


Fraud Awareness Campaigns

            The annual campaign run by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to highlight mass-marketed scams.                     

About the Fraud Awareness Campaigns

As part of a trans-Tasman approach to combat consumer fraud and scams targeted at consumers, the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce was established in March 2005 and comprised 18 government regulatory agencies and departments in Australia and New Zealand.

Agencies participating in the Taskforce

New Zealand Government: Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Commerce Commission.

Australian Government:

Attorney General’s Department; Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Communications and Media Authority; Australian Competition & Consumer Commission; Australian Federal Police (represented by the Australian High Tech Crime Centre; Australian Institute of Criminology; Australian Securities & Investment Commission; Department of Communications, Information Technology & the Arts

State and Territory Governments
Australian Capital Territory – Office of Fair Trading; Consumer Affairs Victoria; New South Wales – Office of Fair Trading; Northern Territory – Department of Justice; Queensland – Department of Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development; South Australia – Office of Consumer & Business Affairs; Tasmania – Office of Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading; Western Australia – Department of Consumer & Employment Protection.


The main objective for Fraud Awareness campaigns are to raise awareness and provide information to New Zealanders on:

  • how to spot scams
  • how to avoid being scammed, and 
  • how to report a scam (via this Scamwatch website)

From the Archives..*/

Home | Contact | Sitemap

N.A.R.K. Mission

To raise awareness of child abuse in New    Zealand and what you can do to help prevent this in your community.   


“Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids”

“Our mission is to raise awareness of child abuse in New Zealand and what you can do to help prevent this in your community”

N.A.R.K. was founded by Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney after being branded a ‘nark’ for speaking to police about the death of Ngaruawahia baby Serenity Scott-Dinnington. Cherie turned this label around into the Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Kids and that is a label she wears proudly!

She started a facebook page, STOP Death by Abuse of OUR Children to raise awareness of New Zealand’s horrifying abuse record, put an end to the anti-nark culture and highlight what you can do in your community. Within a short time 11,000 people joined her campaign from mums and dads to politicians. Find out more……….

So how can we change this? By joining us in becoming a N.A.R.K..

In New Zealand 10 children die every year by the hands of the people that are supposed to love them the most. Thousands more are confirmed to be suffering from abuse every year. It is our nation’s greatest shame. Find out how to support NARK click here…..

NARK ANGELS Here you will find all the reasons why we do what we do, sadly this is a list of all the children who have died at the hands of those who were supposed to love them the most

…… they are our NARK angels

Event 3rd September 2011

Saturday, September 3 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Your Towns Local Memorial Statue or War Memorial or Wall

This memorial for our children who have died at the hands of someone who was supposed to be caring for them is simple, it does not cost BUT it will have huge impact. I am asking you to spare 1 Toy/soft cuddly on September the 3rd and encourage everyone you can and know to do the same. 1 Toy to be placed at your towns local memorial statue or wall, in memory of our fallen heroes, the many children lost to child abuse.

Since our great soldiers passed there have been none other like them ever except for these Babies and I want a nation to accept awareness because for these children thats the very least we can be. AWARE. Thank you and I really hope you can help.

Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney

Copyright © 2011 Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney NARK.ORG.NZ. Site Design by Jim Boswell

From the Way back Archives:

Dated: October 1, 2011 Website The strange happenings of the website

Dated: January 6, 2014

Nark Website Now

Expired Domains Website Nark Info: Link here:

The strange happenings of the website.

Since doing our researching and finding much information about this Org/Trust/Charity/Cause….etc

….and that of its founder Cherie (Sweeney, Cherie Robinson. Smith. Kurarangi, Cherie Evangeline Marie Kara. Kura. Karaka etc……..

Then finding out about the Chairperson Ms Roberta Karangaroa and the interesting media article and Court hearing, (of course not to forget our own experience of her throughout Nark.Org.Nz)

…….and the elusive undercover, non-Transparent Pete George (political dreamer). We remain adamant that the was a Scam from its beginnings.

Cherie was quite adamant on making profit from the very beginning. Sadly quite the opportunist, that woman.

To the many good people who did the hard work, put in the long hours and organized within Nark as (Cherie and Roberta where never there to help), you should be commended congratulated on all your efforts and on your truly wonderful “mana” in helping address the Child abuse issue in NZ. You put all your hearts into it and you did wonderful work.

These good people (not knowing who Cherie really was/is), were greatly mistreated and threatened, continuously bullied, and accused of things (they never did) by the these two opportunist women Cherie and Ms Roberta Karangaroa.

Its quite deplorable and saddening how the good people were treated.

The unprofessional behaviour of both these woman is a disgrace, but then at the end of the day it was always about Profiteering and Media exposure with them.

What ever became of the good people who left Nark.Org.Nz after the walkout in January 2012? (a large portion of the board and those who were members of the Org).

They have gone onto establish their own Registered Children’s Charities in NZ and have great support all around the country. They continue to this day, that is true Mana, a lovely group of people.

What happened after the walkout regarding Cherie, Roberta and Pete George and the Nark.Org.NZ fiasco?


No registration, no evidence of helping the Child Abuse issue, no evidence of anything for that matter.

It seems when they were exposed as to their true agenda, (Profiting) they suddenly vanished.  For a founder who is on a “Mission” to raise awareness of child abuse in New Zealand, there has been nothing forthcoming from either the Nark Org or that of its founder……. Ms Cherie and Roberta were certainly on a mission, a mission of lies and Scamming and ripping off the Public of NZ.

On a different note, Ms Cherie Sweeney sent us a lovely message via email, seems to still be using her Mobster Email address “maorified” to this day……

Dated: Aug 12, 2013 at 5:32 PM and Nov 5, 2013 at 11:29 PM

So apparently many people are helping Cherie Sweeney with her business and her Nark Cause, including funding for an unregistered Org/trust/charity/cause…..would love to see that evidence Ms Sweeney, I doubt any would. And yet again she plays the “victim” role as so many times in the past.  Sorry Ms Cherie Sweeney and Ms Roberta Karangaroa YOU have been found out!

This is to keep all aware, that scams are quite prevalent in NZ. Please ensure that when you give your money to a cause, make sure it is registered and get receipts.

Also do a background check of the Charity and founder if your not sure. There are many people out there like Ms Cherie Sweeney and Ms Roberta Karangaroa who are willing to take your hard earned cash and will never leave a paper trail. These people are opportunists, they get everyone else to do the hard yards while they sit back and reap the benefits (in this case money and publicity) and its you who are directly paying for their “lavish” lifestyles.

Make sure you know where your money is going too, and please be vigilant about these kind of scams around NZ.

Signing off


An article from regarding Ms Roberta Karangaroa’s interesting governance skills, regarding a Maori Land Trust she was meant to provide “governance training” for it’s Trustees …

Roberta Matiaha

Blog photo

Ms Roberta Karangaroa

Roberta Karangaroa, now known as Roberta Matiaha

Link is here: Roberta Karangaroa

Trustee wilfully overpaid her husband, judge finds


Last updated 05:00 05/08/2013

A Hawke’s Bay woman accused of plundering thousands of dollars from a Maori Land Trust to pay for her wedding and to bankroll family and friends has resigned as a trustee.

The accusations against Sharon Edwards-Walker are revealed in a Maori Land Court judgment.

She was alleged to have made big overpayments from the trust, including more than $120,000 to her husband and his family. She also appointed a friend to provide “governance training” – the friend promptly withdrew $12,000 from the trust for her own use, the court said.

While Edwards-Walker and her family were allegedly receiving more than their entitlement in trust dividend payments, other members of the trust received no dividend at all.

Edwards-Walker was administrator of Te Raniera Huango Trust, which administers three blocks of Maori Freehold Land with 35 beneficial owners. She was responsible for paying out trust money.

Among the accusations of misappropriating money were $6500 to pay for her wedding in 2009. She also allegedly paid $699 on more than one occasion for medical insurance for her husband.

She also “wilfully overpaid” her husband and his siblings from trust dividends, according to the Maori Land Court judgment.

She claimed she had been bullied into the payments by her husband and others.

The judgment said Edwards-Walker approached a friend, Roberta Karangaroa, to provide governance training to the trustees. Karangaroa persuaded the trustees to add her as a signatory to the trust’s accounts.

The judgment said Karangaroa then withdrew $12,000 from the trust for her own use. After a complaint to police, $9500 was recovered.

Judge Layne Harvey said that there could be “no justification” for Edwards-Walker’s conduct and in the absence of any alternative evidence, he concluded that “Edwards-Walker has abused her position as a trustee for personal gain, has placed herself in a conflict of interest position, and has made an unauthorised profit from her office”.

On the basis of the trust’s current level of dividend payments, it would take more than 20 years for the people who had been overpaid to restore those funds to the trust, according to the judgment.

Judge Harvey said that, in the absence of any “tenable defence”, “there has been significant maladministration of the trust’s finances, if not outright misappropriation”, with the amount of money involved “as surprising as it is unacceptable”.

The breaches of general trust law principles were sufficient to warrant Edwards-Walker’s removal as a trustee. Judge Harvey said when he put this to Edwards-Walker, she chose to resign.

The court directed the remaining trustees to obtain legal advice as to what recovery and enforcement actions may be appropriate should the allegations concerning the misappropriation of trust funds be proven. Ms Edwards-Walker was given two months to file a response to the allegations.

– © Fairfax NZ News


On November 2011 Mark Mansfield made an application to the Maori Land Courts regarding non-transparency and missing monies with-in the Te Raniera Huango Trust. Link is from the website.

Note: we have only included the relevant Paragraphs pertaining to Ms Roberta Karangaroa, as she is our subject of concern, regarding Nark.Org.Nz (apart from Ms Sweeney obviously).

Here are is the link:

You can read the full complaint and also that of the judges ruling on the link below.

Full document here: Maori Land Courts,


Continuation and Judgement: From

Hearing was on the 4 July 2013 in Hastings and Judge Ruling on the 5 July 2013 

[1] On 2 November 2011 Mark Mansfield filed proceedings per s238 of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 seeking financial information from the trustees of Te Raniera Huango Trust. He claimed that they had failed to hold general meetings, provide annual accounts and be accountable to the beneficial owners.

More seriously Mr Mansfield alleged that the trustees had “embezzled” trust funds and accordingly had to be brought before the Court to account for this conduct. I note that Mr Mansfield had made these claims of lack of financial accountability against the trustees in 2009 and the proceedings had been before the Court since then.

[19] Then there is the matter of the $12,000 taken from the trust’s account by Roberta Karangaroa. In my earlier judgment I directed the trustees to recover the outstanding $2,500 from Karangaroa following her repayment of $9,500. It now emerges that Ms Karangaroa claims she has returned that amount to Mrs Edwards-Walker directly, which the latter denies.

[20] It will be remembered that Ms Karangaroa had been approached to provide “governance training” to the trustees at the request of Mrs Edwards-Walker. At the hearing yesterday Mrs Edwards-Walker confirmed that she had known Ms Karangaroa for many years and had asked her to provide “governance training” to the trustees.

At the previous hearing the trustees accepted they had been persuaded by Ms Karangaroa to add her, a non-owner and a non-beneficiary of the land, to become a signatory for the trust using the pretext that having siblings as trustees signing cheques was not best practice.

Ironically, as mentioned, Ms Karangaroa then proceeded to withdraw $12,000 from the trust for her own personal use with $9,500 recovered from her following a complaint to the Police.

[21] Ms Edwards-Walker subsequently claimed that the trust’s then bankers had paid the money out to Ms Karangaroa on only one signature and that on her return from overseas Mrs Edwards-Walker had gone to the bank to sign a withdrawal slip to approve the payment after the fact.

The trustees had been directed to use their best endeavours to contact Ms Karangaroa to give her opportunity to respond to the allegations that had been made against her. To date no such response has been forthcoming. Indeed, Mrs Edwards-Walker claimed that whenever arrangements were made with Ms Karangaroa to hold a meeting she was invariably unavailable at the last minute.

[22] As I mentioned in my previous judgment the trustees are liable to repay this amount if it could not be recovered from Ms Karangaroa. As it was Mrs Edwards-Walker who signed the withdrawal or payment slip, and without the approval of the trustees, I find that she is responsible to repay this amount to the trust. That said, it may now be appropriate for the trustees to put the matter in the hands of a collection agency, in the absence of either repayment or a tenable defence from Ms Karangaroa.

Mr Mark Mansfield’s compliant was legally justifiable.

[38] The present application was precipitated by allegations made against the trustees by Mark Mansfield. His original complaints concerned the lack of information available to beneficiaries, lack of meetings and lack of annual accounts. On the face of the evidence before the Court it would appear that many of Mr Mansfield’s concerns have been borne out and his complaints justified.


As we can see throughout this whole matter, Ms Roberta Karangaroa and her “governance skills” along with dipping into another Trust’s money, is of particular concern. The similarities’ a quite striking, as to Ms Roberta Karaangaoa’s elusiveness in (being contactable/available) when$12,000 taken from the trust’s account

From the post above:

“The trustees had been directed to use their best endeavours to contact Ms Karangaroa to give her opportunity to respond to the allegations that had been made against her. To date no such response has been forthcoming.”

Both Ms Cherie Sweeney and Ms Roberta Karangaroa were very good at becoming unavailable through out our experiences with Nark.Org.Nz, on the Community Group Page.  When they eventually managed to grace page from time to time, they were always using excuses why they were away and that their time was limited.

Also Cherie’s continuous, “personal financial burdens” that were endless. Once questions of missing monies were brought to light, they totally avoided answers to our concerns.

Yes, Ms Roberta Karangaroa is well experienced in “spinning the truth”.  The only thing is both Cherie and Roberta keep contradicting themselves.

Now if this was going in November 2011, we certainly have more knowledge now on the Ms Roberta’ background and her love for Trusts, Money, and certainly trying to obtain it paper free, obligation free, question free, evidence free and most importantly….. tax free! This is certainly the case with Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney, included.

From the Website…..

The Charities that Ms Roberta Karangaroa established. These ones are registered, however she is involved with many that aren’t, ie Nark, Personal land trusts among others. We learnt along this journey that just because a Trust, Charties, Org etc aren’t funded; certainly doesn’t mean they don’t get huge donations which are conveniently unaccounted for.  The many events that Ms Karangaroa and Cherie Kara Kurarangi Sweeney organized, brought in huge amounts.

Officer Name Charity Name Registration
Number Status Date
Roberta Karangaroa National Te Koru Puawai Charitable Trust CC31518 Registered 23/09/2008
Roberta Karangaroa Riverslea Tu Tangata Incorporated Charity Trust CC31450 Registered 22/09/2008
Roberta Karangaroa Hawkes Bay Community Law Centre Trust CC37364 Registered 3/02/2009

Roberta Karangaroa was also a trustee for the Maatangireia Trust. Non existent currently.


Roberta certainly has many years experience in “governance” for trusts etc.

 *Interesting how, the moment a complaint was made to the Police, Ms Roberta Karangaroa coughed up most of it.

Ms Roberta and Cherie are  experienced over many years in creating, hui’s, meetings, media, events, getting funding (including Government funding) for their scam ideas

They have numerously used “heart-breaking” issues in NZ to persuade many to donate to their scams.   So, it’s certainly of no surprise that Ms Roberta Karangaroa (currently of the Riverslea Trust, Hastings, among other trusts) would be quite persuasive in getting money from Trusts, she can certainly talk her way of a paper bag…… 

Another interesting  point is, when all this was going on……. Pete George of Your Nz, (Nark.Org.NZ, Board member) still supported them.  All their spinning, lies, abusiveness toward members and non-accountability of where monies were?

Pete George Party Your Dunedin Standing for Dunedin City Council – Central Ward Dunedin City Mayor (dreamer)

Pete George, certainly has a way with words.  He constantly bleats out “Transparency” but never follows through with that word…… Pete you really need to listen to yourself.  You’ve certainly never been “Transparent” by any means.

 Not a good political move Pete George.

So being that we are the NZ Public, we  decided to do our Civic duty, and pay Pete a visit on his, “Pete George for Dunedin Mayor” Facebook page he created September last year…….quite a catchy title, “Good luck with that Pete, go live that dream!”


And after 10 hours…. our message was removed,  and he’s suddenly  laying low.  Pete is about as Transparent as a Kiwi made Gum Boot!  
 This is information for the New Zealand Public, by the New Zealand Public.  We are here to keep NZ informed on this serious issue regarding the Scam Nark.Org,nz and also the two woman who have endeavoured with their “causes, pleas, hui’s, events…etc”. Purely profit driven and  for so long and had gone unnoticed until now.

Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.Nz and Roberta Kararangi of the Riverslea Trust, are quite probably two of the best scammers in NZ.

Mrs Cherie Kara Kurangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.NZ

Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney of Nark.Org.Nz and Roberta Kararangi of the Riverslea Trust, are quite probably two of the best scammers in NZ.

Web Scam Report from last year Jan 2013: 

Link here: Nark Web Scam Report

Web scam report


We are now into the New Year 2014,  Ms Cherie’s N.A.R.K remains unregistered, but still on the Give a little Website.  Ms Cherie stills posts on our page sometimes but nothing forth-coming concerning the mismanagement of monies or that of her and her “Orgs”current situation in NZ regarding the serious issue of Child Abuse. 

 There has been a new Blog put up on behalf of Ms Cherie but nothing substantial in the whole N.A.R.K/Cherie Sweeney debacle of providing proven answers to our concerns. 

Its quite concerning though that the author of this blog believes that with Ms Cherie’s post’s on Facebook from time to time, it seems evident enough in helping toward the Child Abuse issue.   

 It certainly takes a great deal more to help address this issue, other then posting now and again on a page. Its about getting out in the community and getting involved with families and helping those who are at risk.

 Yes, this means getting in and actually helping, Ms Cherie. Just media appearances or creating hui’s that require people to donate monies, with no record keeping is plain, opportunistic. Not to mention using the most serious issue in NZ and emotionally sway the public to contribute money to you, to finance your hidden lifestyle, is quite disturbing.  Certainly unprofessional in any “Org, Charity, Trust or whatever you call your unregistered N.A.R.K Org.Nz.”

On that note, there has also been a new development regarding the website….

Not sure whats going on there (but we keep a note on what is found), so time will tell with this strange site. Developed in November 2013.

NARK.ORG.NZ A business site:

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